nuutok Advanced 500 GB (3 users) nuutok Advanced 500 GB (3 users) —

nuutok Advanced 1 TB (3 users)

nuutok Advanced 1 TB (3 users)

1 TB of secure storage in Canada
3 users included
$17.00/additional user

  • Easy to use
  • Secure and robust
  • 100% software
  • Buy it online

Did you know?

Each year, it costs over $ 1000 per employee to get similar tools from other vendors, and they often have security issues that most businesses aren’t even aware of.

With Nuutok Essentials you get a complete professional solution at a fraction of the cost

Plug & Play in less than 5 minutes

  • VPN

    Secure VPN access to your business and data

  • Data encryption

    Protect your passwords and sensitive information

  • Web interface

    Access files and backups through a simple web interface

  • VNC

    Share your screen for teamwork

  • RDP – Remote office

    Access your desktop computer from home

  • Data sharing

    Share data with colleagues and customers

  • Data recovery

    Protect your business from hackers

  • URL manager

    Organize and share your web links